Misplaced in Space (2017)

‘Misplaced in Space’ is an animated short film that explores new ways of thinking about neurological illness. The film explores the space between neuroscience and psychology through an innovative narrative constructed around Eddy, an astrophysicist, and his experience of Alzheimer’s disease.
The story is split between two narratives – Eddy in the present and his resurfacing past memory as an astronaut on a journey through space. Within this confused past memory Eddy becomes lost in space. Space here is constructed from microscopic neuronal images from Alzheimer’s research; a visually immersive metaphor of the mind using the microscopic as context of a parallel macroscopic world.
Eddy’s story is integrated with data from current research of dementia. The data entwined into the story of Eddy has been obtained by Dr Laura Hughes and Prof James Rowe’s MRC funded research group, based at the University of Cambridge. This data has been used to visually draw a connection between the recorded brain wave changes of patients with dementia and audio from Eddy describing his experience of the disease; illustrating that these small variations in functionality, in some way, can greatly affect the way in which we process perception and thought.

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